E+ Institute defends the concentration of supply chains in countries with lower rates of greenhouse gas emissions in industrial production and closer to consumer markets

“We have to rethink global supply chains and look for alternatives that minimize emissions and that are intrinsically fair,” said Rosana Santos, executive director of the E+ Institute during an event held at the Brazilian embassy in Berlin, Germany, with representatives from the business sector and the Brazilian and German governments. The event is part of the parallel agenda of the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue.

Rosana’s speech concerns the high-purity natural quartz derivative found in national deposits, which travels across several continents and then returns to Brazil as one of the components of photovoltaic panels. Iron ore follows a similar trajectory, which returns as semi-finished or ready-to-consume industrial goods.

The major problem is that there are enormous emissions of greenhouse gases in the various stages of the transport, as well as in the conditions of the energy matrices of each country where the processing stages take place. Furthermore, Brazil fails to generate added value or more jobs and income.

Watch the complete event here.

Rosana Santos at the event in Germany. Credit: LinkedIn of the E+ Institute


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