The data about the new coronavirus (COVID-19) is alarming. You blink your eyes while reading this text and the number of new cases of the disease has doubled in different parts of the planet.

Alongside the concerns with the health of the world population, the pandemic has brought a time of great uncertainty for businesses. How can your organization react and help socio-environmental impact entrepreneurs to overcome this crisis?

By supporting and disclosing opportunities that highlight the entrepreneurs who are developing solutions to generate a positive impact for the planet.

The Global Green Business Ideas Competition is open for registration and will help innovators in Brazil to take ideas from the drawing board and turn them into successful businesses.

The Global Green Business Ideas Competition seeks ideas and businesses in an initial stage that have a positive impact on the climate. We seek green solutions that have a positive impact the planet in the following areas: water management, waste management, agriculture, energy, logistics and mobility, forests and land use and regeneration. The Call is made by ClimateLaunchpad and co-organized by Climate Ventures, in Brazil, with support from the Institute for Climate and Society (iCS) and

Global Green Business Ideas Competition
Date: March 30 to May 3

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