Associations of producers, exporters and civil society, such as Imaflora and the Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture, have submitted a proposal of mandatory individual traceability to the ministry

The Proposal for a National Policy of Mandatory Individual Traceability has been delivered, by associations of producers, exporters and civil society organizations, to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Farming (MAPA). The intention is to regulate cattle breeding. Among the institutions are Imaflora and the Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture, the result of support from iCS.

“It (the proposal) broadens the view surrounding the challenges of the Brazilian livestock farming beyond commercial adequacy in the light of the anti-deforestation restrictions that the European Union promises to assume from January 2025. The positioning of the European bloc has transported the issue to the geopolitical field, imposing the need for dialogue between the states. Firstly, because the control mechanisms are in the hands of the government (such as the Rural Environmental Registry and the Animal Transit Guides) and, secondly, because it will be necessary to equalize the cost of the changes between everyone involved,” analyzes Marina Guyot, the manager of Public Policies at Imaflora, in a report on the website of the NGO.

For the tracking to be truly effective, it is necessary to identify each animal on the farms of origin, recording its journey since birth. In this way, it can be certified that it has not, at any stage, passed through illegal deforestation properties, in addition to complying with other socioenvironmental criteria. Accordingly, full coverage is guaranteed in all the production stages.

This policy will also bring benefits to the national production. The ministry now needs to evaluate the proposal.

Built over the last year, the proposition is the result of a broad sectoral alignment, led by the Brazilian Table for Sustainable Livestock Farming, with support from the Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture and the participation by several entities involved in the traceability agenda, from the production sector to industry, passing through all the links in the chain.

credit: Rick Oliveira | Imaflora.

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