Research carried out by the Center of Life Institute shows that almost 50% of the states in the country disclose, at most, insufficient data for the identification of illegal deforestation

Half of the Brazilian states suffer from a lack of transparency in the identification of the illegal deforestation in the country. This information is one of many available in the Inspection Monitor, which is a tool developed, with the support of iCS, by the Center of Life Institute (ICV) and the Brazil.IO initiative, based on data from MapBiomas. According to the survey, in the consolidation of data up to the first seven months of 2023, only 14 out of the monitored 27 federal states disclose some type of data with sufficient information, or in an appropriate format, so that the data can be cross-checked with the deforestation alerts issued by MapBiomas.

Marcondes Coelho, a socioenvironmental analyst at ICV, points out that the lack of databases in relation to the control and combating of deforestation in state bodies directly hinders initiatives such as those of BNDES, which, in partnership with the data from MapBiomas, prevented the sending of more than R$ 300 million in rural credit due to deforestation alerts between February and October 2023. Read more in this report by Valor.

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay


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