Terra de Direitos [Land of Rights], a grantee of iCS, comes of age in 2020; it has been in existence for 18 years with an extensive operation in the Amazon region, especially in Tapajós. See below some reports taken directly from its newsletter:

After Minister Ricardo Salles declared that he took advantage of the press coverage being focused on the pandemic to “push through measures,” we have produced this survey that shows the main steps taken by the government in the midst of the pandemic that have weakened the environmental policy and conservation of the country.

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On World Environment Day, on June 5, we discussed why some areas are more exploited than others. In this material, you can see 5 cases that portray environmental racism.

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This special study produced by Amigos da Terra Brasil, in partnership with Terra de Direitos and the STTR of Santarém and Alenquer, reveals the impacts of the advance of agribusiness on the territories of the Tapajós.

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Terra de Direitos has published an editorial/manifesto against racism and in defense of human rights and democracy.

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It has been 18 years of struggle defending human rights and democracy. Nothing more just and deserved than blowing out candles! Congratulations, Terra de Direitos, we continue together.

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