After the success of the first edition, which attracted over 2,800 people involved in innovation and technology during a weekend in Rio de Janeiro, Hacking Rio 2019 was launched on August 16, 2019, in the auditorium of the Casa Firjan. This year’s edition will take place from October 18 to 20, once again at AQWA Corporate, in the port zone of ​​Rio.

In addition to the presentation of the second edition of the event, there will be two panels to discuss innovation and new business practices: “The future has already arrived” with Eduardo Ourívio, the co-founder of Grupo Trigo (Spoleto, Gurumê, Le Bontom, and Koni) and Marcos Leta (founder of Fazenda Futuro). The second panel, “Friendly Invaders,” has business owner Wanderley de Abreu Jr., who, at 17 years old, hacked into the NASA system and now directs Storm Security & Safety Systems. The event is open to hackers, business owners, teachers, and all the members of the innovation ecosystem of Rio de Janeiro.


The second edition of Hacking Rio will have as a highlight the largest hackathon in Latin America. According to Lindália Junqueira, from ÏONS, the creator of Hacking Rio, over one thousand developers (hackers) from around the country will spend 42 hours in the development of high impact solutions to the challenges of society and the market.

One of the sponsors of Hacking Rio 2019, Sescoop, will promote the first hackathon for the development of solutions for the Platform Cooperative. For the superintendent of Sescoop RJ, Abdul Nasser, practically any business of the shared economy could be performed by means of collectively owned platforms based on cooperativism. He quotes the teacher and activist of online cooperation, Trebor Scholz, the founder of the Institute for Distributed Creativity, who believes that “platform cooperativism can change how ordinary people think about their relationships on the Internet.”


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