Extractivists and guests spent a week in Brasília aiming to protect the environment and the social and economic inclusion of traditional communities in the country

The creation of solutions that reconcile economic development with the preservation of biodiversity, recognizing the importance of traditional knowledge and the interdependence between the conservation of ecosystems, social equity and environmental responsibility. This was the objective of Sociobiodiversity Week, organized by a series of collectives and entities from civil society between August 31 and September 6, in Brasília. In total, 160 extractivists and 80 outside persons and supporters were invited. During the meeting, the participants explored issues related to the production, processing, distribution and marketing of their products, aiming to conserve the environment and the social and economic inclusion of the involved communities.

Meeting of the production chain collectives during the Sociobiodiversity Week. Credit: Dione Torquato_CNS

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