World Car-Free Day is celebrated every September 22. To mark the date this year, the Institute for Energy and the Environment (IEMA) has made public its new online tool: the SP Bus Monitor. It shows, for example, that the average speed of buses in the city increased during the coronavirus pandemic and its consequent social isolation. As a result, there was a 52% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions in an average working day in April when compared to a working day in February. In the same comparison, the emission of particulate matter (PM), which can cause cardiorespiratory problems, decreased by 51%.

With the SP Bus Monitor, it is possible to monitor and ascertain as to whether the operators and the government will be able to comply with the targets expressed in Municipal Law 16802, of 2018, i.e., to cut by half the CO2 emissions in transport by São Paulo buses; 90% of the PM; and 80% of the NOx by 2028, based on the 2016 figures. See the tool here .

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