Is the standing forest that belongs to the country and traditional peoples and the economic and sustainable development of the Amazon possible? The answer is yes. The truth is that the region has an enormous potential to expand its participation in the multibillion dollar markets for the products already exported by its companies. The conclusion is from the study “Opportunities for the exportation of products that are compatible with the forest in the Brazilian Amazon,” carried out by the Amazon 2030 project (AMZ 2030). The analysis was based on business ventures based in the Amazon with the exportation of 955 products between 2017 and 2019. 64 of these products involved non-wood forest extractivism, agroforestry systems, fishing and tropical fish farming and tropical fruit and vegetables. Added together, these 64 products had an annual revenue of US$ 298 million, which is only a 0.17% share of the global market of these same products, which total US$ 176.6 billion per year. Read the full analysis here.

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