The 2019 Sub-National Climate Forum arrived at a good time. After the extreme weather that has affected Rio de Janeiro this year, the city received the seminar to discuss the role of climate action from the perspective of the Brazilian states. There was also an evaluation of where we are, from the national and international perspective, in relation to the subject of adaptation and mitigation of climate change. The risks and the opportunities for the country were emphasized, with forecasts of the scenarios and new technologies.

“The practical result of this meeting is that we came out of there informally with a council of states for the climate. The states will assume a role of political leadership on this issue. 11 states were present and we hope to expand” – Alfredo Sirkis (FBMC)

“Because we are already confronting climate change, the adaptation is absolutely necessary and it will happen – in the cities and states. A city or a state in the North will have to find other alternatives and adapt very differently from the Southeast, the South, and the North . Therefore, you build this alternative, this strategic action from the bottom to the top which makes much more sense” – Suzana Kahn (COPPE/UFRJ)

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