Fighting illegal deforestation, sustainable production, innovation and technology and a green infrastructure. These are the central areas of the Green Recovery Plan (PRV), whose first phase was launched in July by the Consortium of Governors of the Legal Amazon with the objective of coordinating its priority subjects to generate jobs and reduce inequalities. The strategy involves sustainable productive development, investments in green infrastructure, innovation and training. Furthermore, the strengthening of the Consortium takes place in a context in which the climate commitments are not led by the federal government, which would require significant cooperation with other instances.

iCS supports a cooperation agreement between the Consortium of Governors of the Legal Amazon and FunBio to design and strengthen the management and governance of the Consortium and to support its effective implementation. The created plan uses, among its references, a study regarding opportunities for the export of products that are compatible with the forest financed by the 2030 Amazon Project. Watch the full launch , and understand how the PRV has short-term goals, by proposing an economic recovery to escape from the crisis caused by the pandemic, as well as long-term goals, guaranteeing sustainability.

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