This is the time to act. With the 2022 elections just around the corner, the future of the Amazon, with respect to the protection of the largest tropical forest in the world, could involve many thousands of votes for the Presidency and the National Congress in 2022. This is shown by the survey commissioned by the Institute for Climate and Society and performed by PoderData between August 21 and 23, regarding the importance of the Amazon to the Brazilian voter. There were 2,500 interviews across the country.

Here are some of the highlights:

– For 7 out of 10 Brazilians, Bolsonaro is not working well to protect the Amazon

– 77% of Brazilians believe that conserving the Amazon is fundamental for the future of the planet

– 89% of Brazilians believe that the Amazon is the greatest wealth of Brazil and that it is indispensable to conserve it

– 7 out of 10 Brazilians believe that Brazil’s development depends on the Amazon

The Tomorrow of the Amazon is Now.

See the report by Estadão , Terra , EcoDebate , and more highlights:

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