AMAZ Aceleradora de Impacto has finalized the selection process of the businesses that will be accelerated and invested in in 2022. The six chosen businesses work with innovative solutions for the development of products and services in strategic areas for the conservation of the Amazon, such as reforestation, carbon and forest conservation projects, production of oils, food and community-based tourism. All will undergo an acceleration process with an initial investment of R$ 200,000 and the possibility of a reinvestment of another R$ 400,000 at the conclusion.

Learn about the businesses, with descriptions taken from the AMAZ website:

►BrCarbon = Brazilian Climate Tech dedicated to forest conservation and ecological restoration specializing in carbon projects. With a highly qualified team, it uses innovative strategies and cutting-edge technology to accelerate, multiply and consolidate carbon and forest management projects in Brazil.

►Floresta S.A. = Implements regenerative models of agroforestry production at scale, with a portfolio of 10 agricultural and timber crops. In addition to bioeconomy products, it brings to the financial market an opportunity for direct investment in agroforestry in the Amazon, with a target return of 17% per year.

►Inocas = Its objective is to generate an alternative to soy and palm oil, leveraging the macaúba production chain as a source of sustainable vegetable oils. The company’s pilot plant is located in the Cerrado biome region of Alto Paranaíba, MG, and will have implemented, by the end of 2021, the planting of 2,000 hectares of macaúba in an agroforestry system in partnership with family farmers. With the entry into AMAZ, the company will expand its operations to the Legal Amazon in 2022.

►Mahta = Foodtech that operates in the area of food supplements produced with ingredients predominantly from Amazonian communities. It aims to generate innovation and value, in addition to reducing negative environmental impacts, through production chains with the participation of local communities, which is a model that can be replicated for a systemic change in the food industry. Simultaneously, it will deliver differentiated nutritional value to consumers, boosting the conservation and regeneration of the Amazon.

► Soul Brasil Cuisine = Its mission is to present products with ingredients from Brazilian biodiversity – especially the Amazon – sustainable, organic, vegan and free of artificial substances for Brazil and the world. It has been in the market for almost three years, present mainly in the markets and supermarkets on the Rio and São Paulo axis, in addition to exporting to the United States and Europe. The products have organic certification.

► Vivalá = Conducts expeditions in Brazilian Conservation Units through community-based tourism. It promotes the country’s socioenvironmental development innovatively, uniting experiences with communities and nature in expeditions. It has already engaged more than 900 travelers from 10 countries and injected R$ 627,000 directly into traditional communities through the purchase of community-based services.

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