The latest edition of the “Sustainable Future Dialogues” series of events, on December 17,2021, involved a topic that needs more attention: “Green jobs: training and education of talents for a world in transition.” Rosane Fukuoka, building manager at Mitsidi, showed the perspective from the civil construction sector, presenting ways to invest in green buildings, because this sector is responsible for a large part of the emissions and energy consumption of the planet.

Christoph Büdke, director of projects at GIZ, provided details of the study “Energy Professionals of the Future – Higher Professional Education in Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency: New Jobs Require New Qualifications,” with results and experiences of the cooperation project between Brazil and Germany in this area.

Paulo Eduardo Braga, a researcher and analyst of regional economics at 4intelligence, explained the concept of green jobs and analyzed the Brazilian reality in the search for the greening of the sectors. Marina Marçal, coordinator of the portfolio of Climate Policy at iCS, and Friederike Sabiel, an adviser for environmental matters at the German Embassy, ​​were responsible for the opening. The event was mediated by Leonildes Nazar, a collaborator of the Urban Legal Amazon Initiative Project at the Institute for Climate and Society.

Watch the debate in full here .

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