The Institute for Climate and Society and Vital Strategies held the first of a series of debates on the Impacts of sustainable mobility policies on air quality and their benefits for public health. The subject is fundamental because poor air quality is responsible for over 66,000 deaths per year in Brazil alone. Approximately 70% of the Brazilian population lives in areas where the concentration of particulate material exceeds the limits recommended by the World Health Organization (IHME 2018). During the event, the publication “Accelerating improvements of air quality in the cities” was also launched, which is a guide that helps local governments to develop this capability. Watch the discussion and download the publication .

One day before, a webinar/press conference brought together medical associations from all over Brazil to publish a letter defending the maintenance of the deadlines of the Program to Control Air Pollution by Automotive Vehicles – PROCONVE. Among the organizers is the campaign Inimigo Invisível [Invisible Enemy]. Watch the webinar here!

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