LaClima and the Tanaloa Institute have published a technical note presenting a legal analysis and set of recommendations of Bill 3961/2020, by Federal Deputy Alessandro Molon (PSB-RJ), which declares a state of climate emergency throughout the national territory and sets a target for the neutralization of greenhouse gas emissions in Brazil by 2050.

According to the authors, Caio Borges (lawyer and coordinator of the iCS law and climate program), Caroline Dihl Prolo (lawyer and head of the environmental department at Stocche Forbes Advogados) and Natalie Unterstell (public administrator and director of the Tanaloa Institute), the “legal institute for the declaration of a state of climate emergency is a legal measure that is apt and appropriate in order to incorporate into the legal system an orderly process for taking specific actions, which provides greater rationality, predictability and legal certainty to Brazilian climate policy, especially in the text for the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the worsening of the climate crisis, as indicated by science.”

The technical note also suggests certain adjustments to the Bill. Read the full text here and also the executive summary.

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