The directors and advisors of the Confederation participated in a training process about family farming and resilience to climate change. At the festival, rural youth was heard by Marina Silva

With the support of iCS, the National Confederation of Rural Farm Workers and Family Farmers (CONTAG) held a training process in sustainable agriculture and resilience to climate change. The project has the objective to prepare the directors and advisors of CONTAG and the Federations of the Union Movement of Rural Workers (MSTTR) to improve political advocacy on environmental and climate issues. The strengthening of CONTAG is an important step to guarantee a more leading role for family farming in the climate agenda.

In April, the Confederation also held the National Youth Festival, discussing the future of family farming and the role of Rural Youth. One of the most important moments was the panel about climate change, which included Minister Marina Silva and a technical team from the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, in addition to the involvement of young people from the Amazon.

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