In 2020, all the TEDx events around the world received a special and common theme – Countdown: to a better future. It is a global initiative that aims to accelerate solutions to the climate crisis, transforming ideas into actions. On October 13, TEDxSantaCecilia joined the movement with support from iCS to try to answer five questions:

How quickly can we change to 100% clean energy?
How can we rethink and redo the things around us?
How can we improve the way we transport people and things?
How can we trigger a global change to healthier food systems?
How can we better protect and make the Earth greener?

Among the speakers, the ex-minister of the environment Marina Silva, chef Bel Coelho, the senior fellow at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) Carlos Rittl, and Kamyla Borges, who coordinates the energy efficiency initiative at iCS.

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