An immersive and sensorial exhibition on display in Rio de Janeiro shows how the Amazon is important for any person living in Brazil and the rest of the world, independent of their geographic location

The artistic and cultural exhibition “Amazon: and what has this got to do with me?” is on display at the Shopping Nova Iguaçu, in Rio de Janeiro. It was designed by Na Boca do Lobo and portrays the benefits of the standing Amazon for Brazilian cities and the rest of the world, and the impact of deforestation on everybody. With entertaining, interactive and immersive spaces, the visitors can walk through the forest with virtual reality headsets, have access to content on signposts and touch screens, play with the local fauna on a magnetized panel and walk through a house of the future that is potentially affected by water, energy, climate and food security due to the illegal cutting down of the forest. See the official film of the event!


Photos: Karyme França / Na Boca do Lobo


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