The Federal Supreme Court has concluded the judgment about the Amazon Fund. Within 60 days, it will be possible to restart the funding of new projects. Countries should resume their contributions

Shortly after the end of the presidential elections, the Federal Supreme Court (STF) concluded the judgment about the Amazon Fund, ordering its reactivation within 60 days. With the decision, it will be possible to restart the funding of new projects. The judgment took place due to the Direct Action for the Declaration of Unconstitutionality by Omission (ADO), filed by the PSB, PSOL, PT and Rede Sustentabilidade, against the stoppage of new projects as a result of the extinction of the Technical Committee and the Steering Committee of the Amazon Fund.

The project was frozen in 2019 by the Bolsonaro government, and involves Germany, Norway and Brazil. The Climate Observatory, an iCS grantee, was responsible for the analysis regarding the suspension of the fund, which served as a basis for the preparation of the action by the parties at the STF. During the judgment, other grantees, Conectas and Alana, joined with the Climate Observatory and actively participated as amicus curiae, which is a Latin expression that allows an institution to provide information and supporting documentation for court decisions. IPAM, Imazon and UFMG/Lagesa also made technical contributions at the public hearing, with Prof. Raoni Rajão.

In an interview for Uol, Tasso Azevedo, the technical coordinator of the Climate Observatory, said that “the Amazon Fund is the largest protection fund ever implemented for forests. The loss arising from its suspension for four years is irrecoverable, but its reactivation is more than urgent so that we can resume the agenda of protecting the forest, combating deforestation and sustainable development.” More details in O Globo and Valor.

Credit: Unsplash

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