In Brazil, there are countless institutions involved in actions to benefit electric mobility (whether with very light, light or heavy vehicles), which constitutes a specific response to several economic and environmental challenges worldwide. However, it still does not have a governance structure that coordinates the discussions and initiatives of the sector with the objective of increasing its efficiency – and the operation of similar structures in locations such as the United States, China, Chile and Europe has been fundamental in the progress of electric mobility. Or rather, it did not, in the past.

This is because, in a joint effort by important actors from the Brazilian government, industry and civil society, the National Platform for Electric Mobility (PNME) has been formed, a building space for long-term targets of electric mobility in Brazil, considering the technological, governmental policy and market points of view.

In all, over 30 institutions from industry, government, civil society and academia came together in 2019 to debate the motivations, objectives, risks, actors, structures and other indispensable elements for the PNME. From now on, new partners and members are and will be continually added. It is important to emphasize that the platform is not only a space for the convergence of objectives, but also a location for delivering specific solutions that meet expectations.

The list of partners


Institute for Climate and Society (iCS)

Ministry of Economy

Ministry of Regional Development






WRI Brasil



In this context, the iCS Transport portfolio has opened a new work front designed exclusively on electric mobility, under the leadership and monitoring of the journalist Carla Navarrete. She has over 18 years of experience, and graduated in Journalism from the Methodist University of São Paulo, with a postgraduate degree in Globalization and Culture from FESPSP (Foundation School of Sociology and Politics of São Paulo). Between 2016 and 2019, Navarrete worked as communication coordinator at the Bloomberg Initiative for Global Safety in Traffic in São Paulo. As a journalist, she wrote for Yahoo! Brasil, Agora São Paulo and Diário do Grande ABC. She also worked with Management of Knowledge for Capital Projects at Vale and as a press officer for companies such as Cia. Hering.

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