In an article in UOL, Diosmar Filho, the leader of the Iyaleta Research Association, questions the lack of investment for the prevention of rains such as those that recently affected the northern coast of São Paulo

“For this year, the forecast of the federal budget for risk and disaster management is R$ 1.17 billion, according to a survey by the Associação Contas Abertas. Despite this amount seeming high, it is the lowest value in the last 14 years.” This is a quote from the article written in UOL by Diosmar Filho, a geographer, and a doctoral student in geography at the Fluminense Federal University (UFF). He is a scientific coordinator of the Iyaleta Research Association, the leader of the line of research “Inequalities and Climate Change,” also published by the Urban Legal Amazon platform. In his article, Diosmar questions the lack of investment in adaptation strategies and disaster prevention in the country, citing recent events, such as the one on the north coast of São Paulo. He recalls that it is no use dealing only with emergency decrees to confront the rains that “devastate cities and deepen the gender, racial, ethnic and social inequalities in the territories.”

Credit: Unsplash

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