In November, the city of Glasgow, in Scotland, will host COP26. This is a summit that promises to be one of the most important climate events since the Paris Agreement in 2015, due to the critical decade for the climate and also the COVID-19 pandemic as a background. Latin America has a fundamental role in the process, less due to its contribution to global warming (its greenhouse gas emissions represent approximately 10% of the total global emission) and more because it is located in the regions of the planet that have the largest impacts derived from climate change – it is also one of the largest reservoirs of biodiversity, fresh water and energy potential in the world. To address these subjects, Connection CDP 2021, Paths to Glasgow – environmental ambition and the role of Latin America at COP 26 took place online, on February 10, with experts presenting a panorama of companies, cities and investors for the region, both for now and for the next 10 years.

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