January was the month with the most declarations from partners and consultants in the iCS energy portfolio, who were monitoring the development and impacts of the water and energy crisis. With the participation of Idec and researchers from COPPE-UFRJ, the work focused on the impact of the energy tariff. The graph below, for example, shows the average evolution of the electricity bill paid by Brazilians, from January 2003 to October 2021, in comparison to the IPCA, which measures inflation. From January to October 2021, the third year of the Bolsonaro government, the tariff rose 2.6 times more than inflation. This was a record.
During the Bolsonaro government, from January 2019 to October 2021, the energy bill rose 2.01 times more than inflation. The variation was only greater during the Temer government: 2.45 times. In the eight years when Lula was in power, the tariff also rose more than inflation, but in a much smaller proportion: 1.32 times. In the 5.7 years of Dilma’s government, the readjustment was even smaller: 1.1 times inflation.

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