Accompanying these processes is important for the active participation of civil society and the business sector as builders of innovative solutions to combat climate change.

As COP 27 approaches, it is important to remember that the deadline for registering organizations as observers of the international climate negotiations about the climate ends in August. Monitoring the negotiation process of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is increasingly important for non-state organizations. In particular, from the negotiations for the Paris Agreement, it was evident that the active participation of organized civil society and the business sector is necessary in order to build innovative solutions that meet the challenge of limiting the increase in the average temperature of the planet well below 2 °C in relation to the pre-industrial period, with efforts to not exceed 1.5 °C.

At the Conferences of the Parties on the Climate, the COPs, there is a rich environment for the exchange of information between the negotiators, non-governmental organizations from all over the world, scientists, representatives from the private sector and citizens who are interested in the subject. The observer status allows organizations to access many of the negotiating rooms and to closely monitor the statements of the countries during the COPs. There is also the possibility of submitting official statements to the negotiation processes.

The COPs are also a good opportunity to launch studies and to participate in new networks operating in the climate agenda. Only observer organizations can submit requests to organize Side Events and have stands in the official area where the negotiations take place.

The 2022 applications are valid from 2023.

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