The newspaper Estado de S. Paulo reported on the decarbonization plan of South Africa and heard from Gustavo Pinheiro, of iCS, about this strategy and of the relationship with Brazil

In a column for Estadão, João Gabriel de Lima talked about the decarbonization plan of South Africa, which was presented as a success story at COP27. Gustavo Pinheiro, the coordinator of the Low Carbon Economy portfolio of iCS, explains in the text that the project is long-term, credible and detailed – an important differential for the African country being able to raise, since COP26, US$ 8.5 billion with investors to put the strategy into practice. This includes the production of wind and solar energy, electric cars and green hydrogen. Brazil, recalls Gustavo, has 80% of its energy matrix clean, but this could drop to 65% due to the pending items included in the privatization law of Eletrobras, with the creation, for example, of new gas thermoelectric power plants. Read the full article here

Credit: Unsplash

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