In June, the Kigali Amendment was approved by two commissions of the Chamber of Deputies – at Environment and Sustainable Development (CMADS) and at Constitution, Justice, and Citizenship (CCJC). At CMADS, it received the favorable opinion of Camilo Capiberibe, from the Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB), and was supported by the chairperson of the commission – Deputy Rodrigo Agostinho, also from the PSB. At the CCJC, it received the favorable opinion of Deputy Danilo Cabral, from the PSB. The next step is its evaluation by the Plenary of the Chamber of Deputies, and for it then to proceed for deliberation in the Senate. It is important to mention that the speed in the processing of the Kigali Amendment is the result of a concentrated effort by the network of organizations that work for the Kigali Project – including IDEC and IEI. To learn more about the Kigali Amendment, which is an international mechanism created to control hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) – used in cooling systems and air conditioning – and their relationship with energy efficiency, click here .

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