The Kigali Network, led by IDEC, reinforced the performance at the National Congress for the ratification of the Kigali Amendment. In order to achieve this, it has had the attention of the press, which has been dedicating significant coverage to emphasize the benefits of the Amendment to the country’s economy. Vehicles such as O Antagonista , the column of Natalie Unterstell in Época and Veja , in unison, demanded that Deputy Lira act quickly in the deliberation of this treaty in the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies.

Another effort by the Kigali Network, this time coordinated by IEI and with the participation of IDEC, Engajamundo and PHS, was the active participation in a meeting called by INMETRO to discuss the revision of the Brazilian labeling program for refrigerators. The Kigali Network was against the proposal submitted by INMETRO to create categories higher than “A” and demanded greater ambition for the second stage of this program. It recommended bringing forward its start in 3 years’ time and the total alignment with the U4E guidelines.

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