Extreme events marked 2023 in Brazil and around the world. In an interview with El País, Maria Netto, the executive director of iCS, believes that there are less noticeable impacts, such as in agriculture

Rivers in the Amazon dried up, cities such as Rio de Janeiro had a thermal sensation of 60 degrees Celsius, and people lost their lives due to the torrential rains in the south of the country. This was the opening of a report by El Pais, which was published at the end of the year, about climate change in Brazil, in 2023. Maria Netto, the executive director of iCS, was one of those interviewed. According to her, the increase in the intensity of climate catastrophes is here to stay, as is the frequency. However, there are other impacts that are not so noticeable, such as the increase in the temperature or the change in the rain flow, which has an enormous impact on agriculture and the quality of life. Maria reinforced the need to implement an adaptation agenda. Read the report in full.

Antonio Cruz/ABr – Commons Wikimedia

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