Rosana Santos, executive director of Instituto E+ and with more than 30 years of experience in the sector, was one of those chosen

Rosana Santos, executive director of Instituto E+ Energy Transition, an iCS grantee, is the newest member of the State Energy Policy Council (CEPE) of the State of São Paulo. She is an electrical engineer, with a master’s degree and a PhD in energy from USP (University of São Paulo). She has worked in the energy sector for over 30 years as a company executive and international researcher. According to Rosana, who has already participated in a CEPE meeting, the state of São Paulo is rich in biomass and agricultural and urban waste, which is why it is fundamental that the State Energy Plan 2050 (PEE 2050), to be concluded in April next year, values these resources correctly in order to favor the socioeconomic development of the population.

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