2021 is coming to an end. With it, there is an accumulation of lessons learned, between joy, sadness, victories and construction of paths. In one more year in the fight against the pandemic, iCS partners and grantees have worked intensively establishing bases towards a low carbon economy, offering opportunities and helping to build the bridges that are necessary for the national sustainable development.

There were countless stories told in 2021 and, with an even closer look, we have revisited the year from four perspectives: the importance of a proactive civil society, which was highlighted in the Brazil Climate Action Hub, during COP26, in Glasgow; the movement of the financial sector towards the transition to a low carbon economy, with the new Corporate Sustainability Index (CSI) of the B3, and the joint declaration of 18 institutional investors and fund managers that supported public policies in favor of the climate; the leading role, coordination and action of the subnational actors, for example, by the efforts of the coalition Governors for the Climate; and the strengthening of the climate litigation in the various dimensions of the climate agenda – energy, transport, land use and others, which resulted in nothing less than the first conviction for the emission of greenhouse gases arising from illegal deforestation in the Amazon.

In this last newsletter of 2021, we present these highlights of the year and we take the opportunity to thank our friends, fellow travelers, funders and grantees. We will continue together in the construction of a future that, more than a dream, is fundamental for all humanity.

Thank you for another year, and that in 2022, a year of presidential elections, we can remain attentive, vigilant and active and, at the end, we can also celebrate.

Let’s recharge the batteries, because we’re going to need them at full power.

Happy New Year!

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