A parallel event of the largest global conference regarding sustainable food systems involved a Brazilian debate about strategies to combat food insecurity and to guarantee justice and resilience

IDEC (the Institute for Consumer Protection) and the Food of Tomorrow Institute (ICA) held a virtual side event during the 4th Global Conference of the Sustainable Food Systems Program (The 4th Global Conference of the Sustainable Food Systems Program – The Transformation We Need). Based on the concept of a Global Syndemic (malnutrition, obesity and climate change occur concomitantly and share the same factors and mechanisms) and still under the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the event conveyed successful experiences in Brazil for the transformation of healthy and sustainable food systems with a focus on the territories and based on intersectoral coordination. The main objective was to reflect on the structural causes of the worsening of the food insecurity and to show the ongoing strategies for greater justice, sustainability and resilience in the systems. Kamyla Borges, from iCS, was responsible for moderation. Watch the event here.

Credit: Unsplash

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