We saw last year, and also at the start of this year, the clearest example of what science is capable of when there is mobilization and investment: never before in history, have vaccines (in the plural) been created and tested with such speed in order to tackle Covid-19. The opportunity is revealed before our eyes when we think about how science can also combat another significant humanitarian crisis, which will remain with us for hundreds or thousands of years; the climate emergency. In an article in Exame, Alexandre Mansur explains that there are still incipient efforts to organize the required scientific approach to the subject.

According to Andre Wongtschowski, the operations manager at World-Transforming Technologies (WTT), Brazil invests approximately R$ 80 billion a year in science and technology, but “faces the challenge of channeling this knowledge towards the development of innovations that respond to the aspirations of inclusive and sustainable development.” Read the full text here.

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