An exclusive survey conducted by Ideia Big Data and commissioned by iCS and the O Mundo que Queremos [The World that We Want] Institute showed that, for 56% of residents of municipalities in the Legal Amazon, the environment situation has worsened in the region in recent years. At the same time, 66% believe that the forest is the greatest asset of humanity, and not only just of Brazilians. Read more details in O Globo.

In all, 1,400 people were interviewed between October 11 and 23. For 74%, health is the area most in need of improvement – other problems mentioned were education (50%), job creation (40%) and the defense of the environment (25%). The concern with sustainability, although less than health (which is natural in a pandemic, with its immediate demands), is significant and displays a fundamental awareness: 86% of the interviewees believe that economic prosperity is directly linked to the conservation of the biome. Only 8% disagree with this connection. The blame in this respect falls mainly local politicians: for 24%, the governors are the most responsible for the development of sustainable programs, and only 15% attribute this role to the federal government, with another 15% to the municipal government. In relation to the level of concern of politicians with the Amazon, only 23% rate it positively. This number is well below the 47% of residents who the welcome the attention paid by the environmentalists to the forest.

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