2021 will be marked as the year in which, historically, a public civil action filed by the Federal Prosecution Office (MPF) identified and charged an individual for greenhouse gas emissions caused by the illegal deforestation of two thousand hectares in the Amazon. It was also the first time that the MPF had incorporated the calculation of the carbon footprint for land grabbing. Based on the CCAL carbon calculator, developed by IPAM, the climate damage was estimated at R$ 44.7 million. The Federal Prosecutor, Ana Carolina Haliuc Bragança, stated that “this represents a loss of economic activity, because that area could be used, for example, for national or international remunerated carbon capture projects, thereby contributing to the mitigation of climate change.”

The federal court ordered , preliminarily, the removal of the entire cattle herd from the responsible farms, owned by Dauro Parreiras de Rezende, in addition to the suspension of the issue of the Animal Transport Documents (GTAs) or invoices for the movement of cattle to and from the farms in question. The action has an enormous legal significance, mainly due to its potential to reinterpret environmental civil liability in Brazil in response to the legal challenges established by the climate emergency.

iCS supports IPAM and connected the institution to the prosecutors who developed the pilot case, and also plays a fundamental role in the promotion of the inclusion of climate litigation as a subject between the organizations that work and also do not work in the area.

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