On November 20, Brazil experienced and reflected upon Black Consciousness Day. The date came a day after the brutal murder of a black man on the premises of a Carrefour supermarket in Porto Alegre.

iCS released the following note on its social networks:

The Institute for Climate and Society is in solidarity with the family of João Alberto Freitas and expresses its rejection of the brutal and criminal murder of yet another black person in this country, the day before Black Consciousness Day. We join those who demand the accountability of the companies and individuals involved in this brutal murder. Painfully, this is not an isolated incident and João Alberto Freitas joins the thousands of black men and women murdered every year in Brazil. This exposes the ongoing genocide of the black population and the structural racism of Brazilian society. #chegaderacismo #vidasnegrasimportam

In this special section, we choose to divulge reports and reflections in relation to the subject published by various media, journalists, academics and organizations. It is urgent that the anti-racist agenda is considered inseparable from combating climate change. To achieve this, there is no better alternative than information. The curatorship is supported by the Absolute Priority Program of the Alana Institute:


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