One of the largest fairs of the sector in Brazil took place in São Paulo and opened space, for the first time, to the theme of sustainable production in livestock. Green Radar was present

There is a first time for everything. This expression admirably suits the IV International Fair for the Processing Industry of Animal and Plant Protein (Expomeat), one of the largest events of the sector in Brazil, which opened an unprecedented space for the traceability of meat. The Green Radar Initiative showed the industry that it is possible to produce more without deforestation. The Radar presents the degree of control and transparency of meat packing companies and supermarkets in the beef production chain, and participated in Expomeat with a stand in the exhibition space and a talk in the main auditorium of the event. Today, livestock is the biggest driver of deforestation in the Amazon – pastures for cattle cover about 90% of all the deforested area.

Participation of the Green Radar Initiative at Expomeat / Credit: Disclosure

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