A meeting scheduled for September 16 promises to mark a turning point in the communication of civil society organizations and social movements. For a long time Twitter has been offering pro bono actions for third sector organizations to carry out campaign announcements on its platform. This offer, however, was only intended to be focused on the social sector. The company has now introduced pro bono publicity for campaigns about the climate and will hold a training session on best practices on Twitter, as well as teaching how to access the benefit.

“These days, social networks are an option for organizations to speak directly with their target audience, without the need for intermediaries. Using them, they can transmit their values and objectives and, above all, engage the public in their mission. It is a way to mobilize public opinion so that we can live in a more environmentally and socially just society. In general, each social network has its unique characteristics that can attract different audiences or that act in different manners. Twitter, according to the actual organization, is a network where decision makers and people involved in the areas of law and science prevail. Where, to be noticed, it is important to post your opinion. So, if your intention is to reach decision makers and peers involved in the scientific area, and consequently the climate area, this can be one path!” – Isis Diniz, communications coordinator of IEMA

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