“The importance of public policies for air quality” was the subject of the live discussion promoted by CETESB (Environmental Company of the State of São Paulo) with the participation of Marcel Martin, coordinator of the iCS Transport portfolio, and mediation by Patricia Iglecias, chief executive officer of CETESB, on March 9. Evangelina Vormittag, a doctor and executive director of the Institute for Health and Sustainability (ISS), reinforced the urgency of controlling vehicle emissions, which are one of the highest causes of illnesses and premature deaths in the world – with the exception of COVID-19. She also warned that, according to WHO, 90% of the population in the world does not breathe quality air, which is an invisible danger that causes the death of 600,000 children annually and provokes several types of cancer and varied impacts on the cardiovascular system.

Marcel, in turn, commented on the importance of targeting the best possible technology, exemplifying that the discussion about Euro-6 is already outdated in some countries, because the electric cars, with zero emission of pollutants, have become the focus, with the search for the total electrification of urban vehicles by 2035.

Watch the discussion here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fDTE9kdQqY

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