In the 13th episode of the web series Pedaling to 2030, by the Projeto Colabora, Pedro Vianna talked with Marcel Martins, the coordinator of Transport of ICS. In the chat, the focus was on ODS 11, Cities and Sustainable Communities, the targets for making urban spaces more inclusive, safe and resilient, and the work of the Institute for Climate and Society on the subject. “Within the portfolio, we try through transport to mitigate climate emissions and treat transport as a means and not as an end. Our operation is based on encouraging discussion and trying to create a positive agenda for transport. We encourage the use of public transport and sustainable transport, such as the bicycle, through the support we give to some other institutions. We try to encourage a modal transfer and the improvement of public transport and the conditions of sustainable transport, such as bike lanes, support equipment for active mobility, and the cleaning of bus fleets, among others,” explains Marcel. Watch here!

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