A group of organizations, movements and individuals launch a coalition to zero public transport fares, emissions and traffic deaths, with a focus in the federal sphere

A collective project of organizations, social movements and individuals, the Triple Zero Mobility Coalition was launched in March with the ambition of being a voice in the defense of a more inclusive and democratic mobility, especially in the federal sphere – with a local impact. There are three main areas:

Zero Fare: Expand access to cities and rights and guarantee everyone the freedom to travel as and when they want;

Zero Emissions: Mobility as an instrument to combat climate change, reducing pollution and improving the health of the population;

Zero Traffic Deaths: Strengthen the safety of the roads, platforms, bicycle lanes and sidewalks.

Among the organizations that lead the movement, with support from iCS, are Idec, NOSSAS, Inesc and Casa Fluminense.

Watch the launch discussion and see the official site.

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