Indigenous activists and leaders and iCS grantees were featured in a section of Fantástico, a documentary program by TV Globo that spoke about their struggles and activities in all Brazil

The section ‘Fantastic Women,’ from the program Fantástico, of TV Globo, told the story of the indigenous leader and environmental activist Txai Suruí, a female indigenous leader and coordinator of the Kanindé organization, an iCS grantee, and also of her mother, Neidinha Suruí. “My people have lived in the Amazon forest for at least 6,000 years. The Land is speaking. It is warning us that we do not have any more time,” said Txai. The interview took place in the Sete de Setembro Indigenous Land, in Rondônia, by the journalist Poliana Abritta.

Watch the program here, it’s well worth it!

*Photo taken from a frame of the report


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