Third edition of the laboratory organized by the Food of Tomorrow Institute, with support from iCS, brings together more than 100 municipal managers to discuss the urban food agenda

The 3rd edition of the LUPPA LAB brought together representatives from 37 cities in Curitiba for a journey of learning and the exchange of experiences in the urban food agenda. During the four days of the event, more than 100 people, including municipal managers and representatives from civil society, discussed food systems and climate emergency, the agroecological transition of the local production, agroforestry systems, public procurement, intersectoral governance of food policies, specific resources and financing for food systems actions, the equipment of the Food and Nutritional Security (SAN) and combating Food and Nutritional Insecurity (INSAN).

Over the course of 25 hours, participants learned techniques and content that strengthened their capabilities to develop public policies, with strategies for them to be carried out in a more participatory, multisectoral and integrated manner with systemic thinking. The need for them to be aligned with local urgencies and possibilities, in addition to the global challenges, was also a central theme.

The cities of Curitiba, São Paulo, Osasco, Belo Horizonte and Recife were selected for mentoring by LUPPA (Laboratory of public food policies), which takes place between April and July 2024.

LUPPA is a project by the Food of Tomorrow Institute, in co-organization with ICLEI South America, with the full support of iCS and other partners.

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