Created by the National Platform for Electric Mobility, with support from iCS, the project aims to connect events about electric mobility to urban public transport, seeking to broaden the discussion

Via Elétrica, an initiative launched on June 9, by the National Platform for Electric Mobility (PNME), was created to concentrate the work of networks, companies, governments and organizations that are involved with the energy transition in the mobility of the cities and that, for this reason, have generated knowledge and promoted the connection between the interested parties in order to enable this urgent transition.

Fossil fuel vehicles are already treated as a thing of the past in many parts of the world and electromobility is directly aligned with the global effort to tackle climate change. Consequently, experts in urban mobility point out that, in Brazil, it is necessary to accelerate the electrification through buses, i.e., by public transport.

All this movement towards the electrification of public transport already drives mayors and secretaries of Transport and Mobility to implement public policies that pave the way to enable the transition to clean fleets.

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