On two fronts, entities and organizations combined forces to present the agenda for the climate and the protection of the Amazon in a proactive and stimulating manner to national and regional candidates

Brazilian civil society mobilized itself during the entire year, with a special emphasis on the last six months, in order to strengthen the climate and environmental agenda regarding the policies of the candidates for positions in the 2022 elections. There were two main fronts. The first happened proactively, with the delivery of studies and proposals for government plans. The second stimulated public opinion to raise awareness of the vote and the importance of the environmental and climate causes for the country.

The agenda has never been so present in the electoral debates. President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, soon after his victory, made a historic speech in which he highlighted his commitment to the Amazon, the climate agenda and the urgency of the cause.

Among the civil society organizations are iCS grantees and partners. The following are some of those who participated with the delivery of the documents for government plans:

  • Climate and Development Initiative, with its publications of decarbonization alternatives and sustainable development for Brazil up to 2030;
  • The Climate Observatory, with the publication of Brasil 2045 and the vision of the building of the country as an environmental power;
  • Concertação pela Amazônia, with a proposed agenda for the Amazon for the first 100 days of government;
  • Northeast Energy Plan, organized by Centro Brasil no Clima, Fundo Casa Socioambiental, Grupo Ambientalista da Bahia and the ClimaInfo Institute, to promote the public debate regarding the post-pandemic economic recovery in the Northeast on a green, just and inclusive basis.

The second front also involved grantees from the Institute for Climate and Society, highlighting:

  • The Standing Amazon, with events spread across Brazil on Amazon Day and for one week in September;
  • The Green Lighthouse, which highlighted the environmental and climate agendas of the candidates to assist the population at the time of voting.
  • Vote Green, which was a campaign that aimed to encourage young people to go to electoral register offices or to apply for their voter ID via the internet in order to participate in the elections, with a focus on the defense of the environment and climate justice.
  • Amazônia Eleita, organized by the Casa Galileia, which stimulated awareness of the vote of those who defend the Amazon.

Credit: Image of the speech by Lula broadcast by the BBC


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