The booklet Conflicts in the Field Brazil 2022, organized by the Pastoral Land Commission, shows that, in the Amazon alone, land disputes have increased by 30% in relation to the previous four years

Data from the booklet Conflicts in the Field Brazil 2022, by the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT), provides information that violence in the field, mainly in the Amazon, increased between 2019 and 2022. Only in the region where the largest tropical forest on the planet is located, 3,462 occurrences of conflicts were recorded, which is 30% more compared to the previous four years. Considering only last year, 59% of all the land conflicts in Brazil took place in the region.

These numbers take into account the disputes faced by the indigenous peoples, small farmers, quilombolas, riverside communities and other communities – whether in territories officially recognized as being traditional, or in areas that have not yet been certified. In an interview with Folha de S. Paulo, Dom José Ionilton, the president of Pastoral Land Commission, said that advances in agribusiness and mining (even within the law) are some of the factors that have increased the violence in the Amazon. Read the full interview here.

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