By Alice Amorim

The Brazilian political and economic scenario has seen a lot of activity since the early days of 2020, which clearly outlines the leading role of the National Congress in the national and international climate agenda. Congressional activities began in February, but many definitions are still being made, such as the election of committee chairmenand party articulations to define their compositions. In October this year we will have municipal elections that will be subject to new rules and will have a direct impact on the behavior of the parties. This scenario tends to strongly influence the dynamics of the National Congress, with implications for organizations that work or wish to work with the federal legislative branch on the climate agenda. This webinar will include a talk by Pulso Público on these perspectives for the operation of the National Congress in 2020, pointing out challenges and opportunities, and also giving iCS partner organizations the opportunity to ask questions from experts in this field.

Watch the second part of the webinar here:

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