Radar Verde [Green Radar] is the new public indicator for the transparency and control of the production and sales chain of beef in Brazil. This ambitious initiative is the first independent index to provide information about slaughterhouses in the Amazon and the largest supermarkets. The href=”https://radarverde.org.br/”> project website explains the reasons why it is fundamental:

“Radar Verde is necessary to encourage the engagement of slaughterhouses and supermarkets in demanding greater control and transparency from their suppliers This is because from when the calf is born up to its slaughter and the processing of its meat, it passes through many farms, and some of them can be located in deforested regions. Consequently, Radar Verde is, for the consumer, a tool that helps to select and differentiate serious companies – among slaughterhouses and supermarkets – from those that do not adopt or are collusive with practices that destroy the environment and put the present and the future of the Amazon at risk” declares the project.

It was created by the Instituto O Mundo Que Quero together with Imazon and in partnership with O Eco and Reclame Aqui. iCS is one of the supporters.

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