Why should efficiency in the consumption of energy be part of the decision-making when buying equipment or even approving an architectural project? The information available in a document produced by the Kigali Project demonstrates that energy efficiency is already on the agenda of discussions about public policies in several areas of the federal government. In one publication, the Energy Research Company (EPE) demonstrates that the use of air conditioning is already one of the factors forcing the peak of daily demand, which impacts the Brazilian electrical system. Furthermore, energy efficiency has also become an important variable for the productive sector seeking greater competitiveness, and also influences the change in behavior of society that has begun to seek more sustainable and economical equipment. The document will be available to the public who attend the XVI CONBRAVA – Brazilian Congress of Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning, Ventilation, Heating and Air Treatment, because efficiency in energy consumption should always be considered in the proposal and approval of an architectural project.


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