Meeting examined how the combination of science and law can catalyze the accountability for unlawful acts in the Amazon

The Center for Climate Crime Analysis (CCCA) held the workshop “The combined power of law and data in combating deforestation in the Amazon” at the OAB headquarters, in Brasília.

The event presented the expectations and demands of the government and civil society regarding the use of data analysis and the application of the Brazilian legislation on deforestation in the Amazon. The proposal was to debate how science, technological data, satellites and technological information, in combination with the law, can improve the accountability for unlawful acts in the Amazon. Furthermore, the training sought to strengthen the relationships between the partners of the organization and to mobilize the main actors from the sector.

CCCA partner, iCS, represented by Julia Norat, Regulatory, Transition in Land Use and Agriculture Specialist, participated in one of the tables, whose theme was the “use of laws to combat deforestation in the Amazon.” The idea was to present the theme to judges, who are very often unfamiliar with the subject. The topics included legal strategies centered on climate damage in Brazil, especially in actions to combat illegal deforestation. “I presented the history of the CNJ (on this topic) and what the body has done, and also about a protocol that began to be created by the council with the idea of ​​guiding judges when they are faced with actions of this nature. The protocol has not yet been published, but the idea was to emphasize its importance,” said Norat.

Julia Norat during an event organized by the Center for Climate Crime Analysis (CCCA). Photos: Levi Tapuia and André Silva

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